values – norms – order

               values                                                               Norms do not exist for themselves. Not just for the sake of having laws that we create some. Rather, they promote and protect VALUES. Authentic values, in fact, are what make a norm valid.

Only a society which has values to protect and promote really care to make laws in order to lead its members in an orderly manner into embracing those. Without these values a society will never sustain its life; an individual will hardly sustain his “supposed to be” happy life. We see how one loses sight of his values and so neglect the norms that protect it. As an unfortunate consequence of this, he or she lives a disorderly life.

So, whatever we strive for, we do it in upholding authentic values – value of truth and life, value of person we love and even those we find difficult to love, value of studies, value of generosity and kindness, value of self-respect, et cetera.


Leandra’s case is still up.

I was able to talk to Corina. Remember? She’s the one who helped her find a job. When I shared to her what’s happening now with Leandra she was certainly caught up in dismay. She felt guilty about it even though I convinced her of her pure intention of helping however it turned out to be a frustrating scenario for Leandra.

All I got from her was that after she introduced Leandra to her friend who knew of a job opportunity, they had not frequent communication about what happened to their lives. “That was a looooooong time ago!” she exclaimed. She had some assumptions about Leandra’s tragedy but wouldn’t want to conclude rashly.

The case as of the moment is still finding its way to a resolution.


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