Phone Call

phone call

From Paolo Coelho’s Fifth Mountain he wrote about universe conniving with one’s desire to achieve something. Or Ender’s Game (movie) sort of principle that is allowing gravity to do its part will simply pull us to where we desire to traverse. This I guess is another realm of order – a more supernatural one; often escapes man’s senses.

Just this morning, this positive force has led me in harmony with what I desire to unearth about Leandra’s case. A call from her father coincidentally led me to hear Leandra herself. That twelve minute conversation reveals now some contrasting details from that of the mother in the previous blog. Leandra’s voice hinted willingness to peep on her past especially on areas which concerns my desire of helping her find her way to order.

“If you only knew what happened to me there!” It’s from this lamentation that Leandra left us with a mystery.

“How are you Leandra?”

“I’m fine. I’m taking my bread now.”

“Do you remember Corina? The lady who helped you found a job before?”

“Yes. I haven’t met her for a long time.”

“Do you still remember the place or the name of the Photocopier station you used to work with?”

“Yes, it’s Airene’s Store (this isn’t the real name of the store). It’s not just a photocopier station but also a restaurant. Students from a nearby high school go there. I was with another helper but we were not serving in the restaurant.”

“So, it’s not near a university as your mother told me previously?”

“No, it’s not. It’s near a high school where my lady boss works as an elementary teacher. Her husband takes care of their store. Their two boys study in that same school. I recall one time when I was about to get into their car I banged my head at the door. It pained my head and my vision went blur after sometime. I felt I had anemic from then on that caused my dizziness.”

“So that accident caused you much pain in the head?”


“I learned you also stayed at their residence.”

“I know where there house is (she described to me the location and mentioned some landmarks that will lead to the residence of her boss). But you know what? They live a very luxurious life and I found it hard to adjust to such a lifestyle. I grew up in a poor family, having simple life, and staying with them caused me self-esteem issues and anxiety in trying to conduct my self.”

“How long did you work there?”

“Only half a month.”

“Not five or six months?”


“Did you have any quarrel with your boss?”

“I didn’t. I just found it awkward to live and work with them anymore and so I decided to leave.”

We bade goodbye, too early though. I needed to get into my class. But she assured me she can tell more stories about what happened to her and she will try her best to recall them as clearly as possible. Well, I believe I’m beginning to earn her trust.

And by the way, it just came to my mind to ask her if she wants something. Spontaneously, she asked for a cellphone or a tablet to play with. I don’t know how I was moved that time that I promised her of a tablet when we meet.  

Now, I’ve got things to re-clarify and verify about the mother’s data and Leandra’s. Whether she’s still withholding facts about her relationship with her boss OR about her personal matters OR about that accident where her head hit the door her boss’ car which effects we know not in relation to her mental condition, we cannot pinpoint now. What went wrong remains to be discovered. A datum at a time will eventually lead us to a final clue if not the final answer.



  1. Michelle Magdato · March 2, 2015

    This seems to be quite interesting, nong. Nice! 👍👍


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