If you only knew!


Looking at the complexities however interconnected aspects of life restoring order is a tough job. If just finding how the different aspects of man intertwine is alone a challenging task how much more figuring out what aspect went wrong and trying to restore it?

This thought alone challenges my superficial outlook of what really an “ORDER” or “TO PUT ONE’S LIFE IN ORDER” means.

On this article, I still wish to refer to the case of which I posted three days ago entitled “Can it be?” I admit I have raised a question that isn’t really the first thing to ask. But at least the inquiry commences as a mystery-like adventure in exploring other angles or aspects of this case. Hopefully, answers will be achieved to find solutions to help “her” life find its way to a better living, an orderly and harmonious life.

With this, I wish to take this as a sort of data-gathering and look into series of events that can hint thru people who have close encounter about this case. I need a plot – beginning, middle, end – of this story. Probable causes of disorder and counter-check to what is commonly acceptable physical-mental-emotional “order” (to name a few) will resolve such quest for order…hopefully!

Let’s begin!

The source I have for this inquiry is the mother of the woman I was talking about on the first post. By the way, so as not to disclose the real identity of the woman let’s just call her by the name “Leandra.”

That depression she had after her first childbirth was known to be postpartum psychosis which only lasted a month. And the circumstances mentioned on the first blog post only contributed to her ill-condition. The mother said she went well already after two to three months under their care. Things went normal with Leandra and the baby. For good, she was not with her boyfriend anymore who mistreated her rather with her parents. Perhaps, she had difficult times in recovering emotionally after the break up nonetheless she’s on her mind.

The mother recalled the time when she approached her brother to help her find a job. So this brother of her recommended her to a friend, Corina, who with good heart helped her. And so Leandra landed on a Photocopier station near a university. She was already enjoying that simple job she had, the mother gladly told. However, when the niece of her boss came she was asked to transfer into her boss’ residence as housekeeper. That didn’t turn a problem with Leandra, the mother thought, since she would narrate her good relation with her boss every time she went home. She felt trusted with kitchen works and working with that family fed her well. (I don’t have the detail about that family she worked with yet). However, according to the mother, it’s Leandra’s personality that doesn’t just disclose everything about what’s going on with her personal life but only those selected good moments she have had. After six months, more or less, of working at her boss’ residence, she went home but no longer the normal woman she used to be after her recovery from postpartum thing. What went wrong within those months remains a mystery for now.

So what happened during those months she was working at that residence? The mother later learned from her colleague to whom Leandra’s boss expressed her observations about her unusual behavior. This colleague retold that Leandra would just cry for several nights without knowing the reason. The mother further learned that she was always alone during the day and even late in the evening in the house that probably caused her a little suffocated. She noted that Leandra used to be an outgoing person and so she found it difficult perhaps to adjust on her boss’ strict guideline: she shouldn’t be out for long from the house. That added to her sort of depression. Because of these, her boss eventually sent her home. Asked by the mother for some explanation of her termination from work, Leandra simply lamented and said, “If you only knew what happened to me there!”

Well, these words would certainly evoke much curiosity and since then a mystery even up to the present. What really happened there only Leandra knew!

It would suffice for the moment. However, more questions and people involved about Leandra’s case are not to be ignored as they help us see the complete picture of the scattered pieces of events.



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