Can it be?



There’s a woman who after giving birth to her first baby got so depressed about the turn of events of her life. When she was supposed to have a healthy environment and proper nourishment for her to recover from that pangs of giving birth, she instead received harsh treatments and threats from her boyfriend and mother-in-law “to be”. These traumatic experiences caused her psychological problem that persisted up to now due to failure, or I would say neglected, to receive proper medical attention.

However, her life did not end there. There came a guy who wished to take her, in good faith, to be his partner in life. He was aware of the mental condition (moments when the woman is out of her normal mind) of this woman. Nevertheless, he dared to formally ask and sought consent from the parents and the woman herself. (I use the word “partner” to mean they’re not married yet; not yet “husband” and “wife”.) He received “consent” and so they live together. For three years that they’re together two kids were given them. Despite the troubles that confront their “union” caused mainly by the unstable psychological condition of the woman, they endured the relationship. But still it doesn’t ignore the fact that although the guy works to sustain his family the woman, on the other hand, recurrently fails in meeting her responsibility to her husband and at times goes problematic in taking care of their children.

Now, the guy who stands on his love for that woman despite her condition wants to marry her in the Catholic Church for good of their relationship.

Hence, the question!


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